Edward Watts
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Hello! Thanks for visiting my web page!


I am a New York City based actor/singer...who moves well (I can do a pretty decent turn around the ballroom floor, but real dancing should be left to the real dancers). I'm a Midwest transplant - having been born in Iowa, learned to tie my shoelaces in Kansas, and spent from about 5 through my formative years in central Ohio. The acting bug hit me a bit later in my teen years, and after attending THE Ohio State University (GO BUCKS!) I moved to NYC to figure out how to make a career doing what I realized I love. It was slow going initially, and during the first 6 years in the big apple, I found myself temping at a law firm to earn money for rent, food and date money. Somehow I ended up with a full-time job as a manager of technical support for a few years before I realized that a good steady paycheck wasn't why I moved here. Luckily, I had spent a lot of my hard earned money on voice lessons (Luba Tcheresky is the most amazing voice teacher one could hope to study with - I highly recommend her. 212-222-8585) and acting classes (Larry Singer gave me a foundation and technique that has proven invaluable. larrysingerstudios.com) so when the time came to recommit myself to acting, I was ready. I got my first professional job and my Actors Equity union card portraying Thomas Jefferson in 1776 and I never looked back.  Ok...I looked back a few times. Turns out those skills I acquired at the law firm came in handy the first few years as I struggled to find jobs, but eventually I left my survival-job days behind me and I've made my living as a performer ever since. There are still some lean times every now and then, but I'm doing what I love and couldn't imagine it any other way!